Living in New England you’d think I would have grown accustomed to the cold by now, but nope. Hard pass on anything below 50 degrees. That being said, blanket scarves have become my go-to accessory to fight the frigid and windy commute to work or just simply walking to my… View Post

Every New Year’s Eve I make the same resolution: to live a healthier lifestyle. Easy, right? You’d think so. But, in reality, it isn’t so simple. Making non-specific goals like this sets you up for failure because you can’t really track your success. After years of my own failure, I’ve… View Post

When I was younger I used to think that being life in your 20’s was #goals.  Life would be great. I’d have money, a great job, a killer social life, probably be married (at least engaged), and living in a dope apartment or house. While some of those things are… View Post