What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Job

Unless you were born a Kardashian or found Instagram fame after a brief stint on The Bachelor, then you probably have to work pretty hard to pay your bills.  Hopefully, you’re working a job you like or at least don’t mind spending a significant amount of your time at.  But, speaking from experience, that’s not always the case.  I spent a lot of time hating my job in the past and it really took a toll on me.   For a while I was struggling to find a new job and that left me stuck at one that was less than fulfilling.  It paid my bills — but that’s about it. I had to come up with ways to make it through the day, week, and the long three years I was there.  Now that I’ve settled in to a new job, I can look back and say I’m thankful I had the job and I guess I did learn a lot.

 The bonus of working a job you hate is that you eventually learn how to master surviving the day. This isn’t a skill I would wish on anyone and it’s not my proudest accomplishment, but I got pretty good at it anyway.  If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation – counting the minutes down until you can leave, wishing you were literally anywhere else, and dreading your next work day, then keep reading.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Job


1.  Find a creative outlet

For me, my creative outlet is this blog and it’s social media: @hustleandsoul_.  Find something that really inspires you and that you feel passionate about.  This might be a side hustle, or just a hobby.  If you like animals, volunteer somewhere.  If you like reading, start a book club.  Find something you really enjoy doing so you can feed your soul a after you inevitably lose some of it at work.

2.  Reward yourself

Set aside a portion of your paychecks to buy yourself something.  Spend the money on something you absolutely love.  A new pair of shoes, a workout class, wine, a night out with your friends, anything you want.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money but, spend it on something you really look forward to so you can remind yourself why you work in the first place.

3.  Ask for what you deserve

Sometimes people aren’t happy at work because they don’t think they’re being paid what they’re worth, they don’t have flexibility they need, or they aren’t being appreciated for their hard work.  Am I speaking from experience? 100%.  I asked for a raise when I knew I deserved it.  I got it and I was began to hate coming in to the office a little less.  It’s important to know your worth in all aspects of your life.  That being said, not every company or organization is going to deliver.  If it’s really time to leave, then do it.  But, be sure to ask for what you want before you do. You may be pleasantly surprised.

4.  Learn a new skill

You can always learn something new.  One of the problems with my job was that I was stuck in a rut and I wasn’t learning anything anymore.  Start asking your co-workers if they have anything you can help with.  Seek resources your company may offer for new skills or classes.  No matter where you work whether it’s a coffee shop, a clothing store, customer service, etc. you can always learn something new and take that with you on your next career move.

5.  Look for another job

This is probably obvious but, to be honest, I hated my job so much that I stopped looking for a new job.  I spent all my time hating my current job that I wasn’t looking elsewhere.  When you start seeking new opportunities, you start to realize a couple things: 1. maybe your current job isn’t THAT bad and 2. there are so many other jobs out there and you will eventually find one.  This job won’t last forever.  Be thankful you have it right now and keep yourself open up to the next opportunity.