Favorite Winter Accessory

Living in New England you’d think I would have grown accustomed to the cold by now, but nope. Hard pass on anything below 50 degrees. That being said, blanket scarves have become my go-to accessory to fight the frigid and windy commute to work or just simply walking to my car. I’m obsessed with a good blanket scarf. Not even low key obsessed, but more like wear one all day, every day, with every outfit obsessed. And you should be too. Here are a few reasons why:
1. You can wear them as a blanket over your shoulders but under your coat to stay extra warm.
2. You can wrap it over your head to keep your ears warm.
3. You can wear it like a regular scarf or draped over your shoulders when it’s not THAT cold.
4. You can wear it as a blanket at work, the movies, a restaurant, or literally anywhere to stay warm.
5. They are one of the most cozy accessories you will ever own.
6. They’re pretty affordable so you can have several floating around your wardrobe for any occasion.
7. Traveling over the holidays or just in general? Wear it on the plane and use it as a pillow OR a blanket.
8. Blanket scarves are especially great in the fall so you don’t have to wear a coat but you’re still warm.
Bonus points if you’re wearing duck boots because #basic, am I right? If you’re still not convinced you should be buying all the scarves this winter, check out the ones below that I’m obsessed with.