I was 18 almost 10 years ago.  Saying that out loud immediately makes me panic, feel like I can’t breath, and want to cry.  Not because I wish I was still 18.  Not because 30 is just around the corner.  But because I feel like it was just yesterday and… View Post

Being in your 20’s is hard. It’s the decade filled with change, a bunch of unknowns, lots of new relationships, probably some time being single, moving to new places with new people and figuring it all out. One of the major keys to get through the chaos that is your 20’s… View Post

When I was younger I used to think that being life in your 20’s was #goals.  Life would be great. I’d have money, a great job, a killer social life, probably be married (at least engaged), and living in a dope apartment or house. While some of those things are… View Post