Whether you’re the kind of person who loves setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year, or you’re someone who thinks it’s overrated, we can all agree that there’s always room for improvement.  We should all be striving to be better all year long, not just in January.  So,… View Post

Living in New England you’d think I would have grown accustomed to the cold by now, but nope. Hard pass on anything below 50 degrees. That being said, blanket scarves have become my go-to accessory to fight the frigid and windy commute to work or just simply walking to my… View Post

Every New Year’s Eve I make the same resolution: to live a healthier lifestyle. Easy, right? You’d think so. But, in reality, it isn’t so simple. Making non-specific goals like this sets you up for failure because you can’t really track your success. After years of my own failure, I’ve… View Post

Stockings are one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I love opening mine just as much as I love shopping for other people.  If you’re not as up on your stocking game as I am, here are 12 ideas all under $25.  Get stuffing. Champagne Gummy Bears It’s not… View Post