This post was inspired by the Golden Globes, an event I look forward to watching every year.  This year, the Golden Globes held a far different tone than I was used to.  It focused on a powerful message about women empowerment.  About how we shouldn’t settle for pay inequality, sexual… View Post

Since Boston experienced a really gnarly snowstorm yesterday, I think it’s safe to say we’re really in the peak of winter now.  And, I don’t know about you, but in the middle of the winter I start to hate EVERYTHING.  I’m miserable, I feel like summer will never come, and… View Post

I LOVE looking at home decor and furniture.  I could spend hours searching through page after page on Crate & Barrel, Lulu and Georgia, Nordstrom, and every other website that’s filled with home decor.  The problem is, I don’t have a home (yet). It’s a goal of mine that I’m… View Post

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year, or you’re someone who thinks it’s overrated, we can all agree that there’s always room for improvement.  We should all be striving to be better all year long, not just in January.  So,… View Post