The Basics

Massachusetts native | Dog mom | Champagne and IPA enthusiast |  Lover of brunch | Wannabe runner

Digging Deeper

Literally everyone these days has a blog.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that a pre-requisite for becoming a contestant on the Bachelor is a guarantee that you’ll become a lifestyle blogger after.  And I’m all for having a creative outlet, but I think there is a need for more authentic content in the blogging world. I’m 27 years old and even though  I have a good idea of where I want my life to be, I’m definitely not there yet and I know I’m not alone.  A lot of us are still trying and failing, winning and losing, and doing our best to keep it all together.

Speaking of failing, I’ve tried and failed to start a blog probably 4 times.  I hate talking about my emotions or feelings and it’s easier for me to write it all down, which is how I ended up blogging in the first place.  It’s not that I lose interest, but more-so that I just can’t seem to commit to anything. That being said, I’m working on it, so let’s hope the 8th time is the charm.