If you don’t follow me on Instagram, which you should, then you may not know I’m the proud owner of the world’s cutest dog.  Her name is Charlotte and to say I’m obsessed with her would be an understatement.  I adopted her in early summer 2015 and next weekend she… View Post

The other day my sister sent me a text. She said “literally your doctor has to be sitting behind me. He’s talking about a patient that took her first spin class then had the worst case of rhabdo he’d ever seen.” And that text is what sparked the idea to… View Post

Being in your 20’s is hard. It’s the decade filled with change, a bunch of unknowns, lots of new relationships, probably some time being single, moving to new places with new people and figuring it all out. One of the major keys to get through the chaos that is your 20’s… View Post

This post was inspired by the Golden Globes, an event I look forward to watching every year.  This year, the Golden Globes held a far different tone than I was used to.  It focused on a powerful message about women empowerment.  About how we shouldn’t settle for pay inequality, sexual… View Post